Meet the team behind Quantum AI​

We think big, start small, and move fast.


Jammie Winsold


PhD in Quantum Computing, University of Oxford.

Jammie is a visionary in the field of artificial intelligence and quantum computing and is pursuing Quantum Artificial Intelligence after completing his career in education. His work focuses on integrating quantum algorithms into artificial intelligence to solve complex real-world problems. He is a regular speaker at technology conferences and is known for his innovative approach and leadership ability.


Karen Fredrich


University: Indian Institute of Technology, Masters in Computer Science

Say: Karen is a technology leader with extensive knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It has developed a series of patented algorithms that greatly improve robot efficiency.


Dr. Bella Torres

Chief Scientist

University: MIT, PhD in Quantum Physics

Biology: Dr. Torres is a pioneer in quantum sensor technology. His in-depth research is crucial to the development of the company’s intellectual property.


Leor James

Head of Marketing

University: University of Toronto, MBA

About: Leor excels at defining business models and deploying Quantum AI products at the cutting edge. He reported many successful international transactions.


Zayne Michelina

Head of Sales

University: London School of Economics, MSc International Business

About: Zayne drives revenue growth through startup sales and partnerships.


John Connor

Legal Counsel

University: University of Sydney, Doctor of Laws

Curriculum Vitae: John specializes in international technology law to ensure Quantum AI operates by international law.