Quantum AI

About Us

Quantum AI develops advanced Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing resources. Our main goal is to revolutionize the financial sector through automated trading. With proven success, we offer transparent, high-standard services, exclusively partnering with regulated brokers to provide a secure and innovative solution for traders.


Our Mission

Quantum AI is on a mission to make automated artificial intelligence trading bots affordable and equitable for everyone. By using Artificial Intelligence as a mechanism to harness the power of Quantum Computing. We create automated solutions in the dynamic world of finance.

We believe Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence can help solve the world’s most difficult problems. In order to ensure fair and equitable innovation, we must make the most advanced technology available to the masses and empower them.

1+ million

Worldwide Users


Available Countries

500+ million

Daily Trade Volume


Revolution in Quantum Trading

Unleash the power of Quantum Computing and AI to enhance your investment strategy. Our cutting-edge software provides personalized AI solutions tailored to your specific goals, enabling you to streamline processes, optimize portfolios, mitigate risk, and make data-driven decisions with unprecedented accuracy. Welcome to the new era of investing.

Customer Experience

Quantum AI has received thousands positive reviews from customers around the world praising the platform's impact on their lives. Through advanced algorithms and quantum capabilities, our software analyzes market data with unprecedented speed and precision.

Looking to the Future

Quantum AI is expanding its operations into Canada and Australia and is actively seeking experts in the development of artificial intelligence, Python, and quantum coherence.

Quantum AI Achievements

Active Members: More than 330,000 Line Code: Approximately 898 million Quantum Volume (QV) Score: 14,802 QV achieved by IBM Group's business focus created - recognized standards.

Quantum AI: Fastest growing AI trading bot in the world!

The only investment management platform that combines the power of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing.